Learn to Engrave

Learn to Engrave



I highly recommend that beginning engravers take a basic class where they can interact with other students. Ray Cover puts on some great classes There are also several options listed on Steve Lindsays site, Engraving Classes. I was the senior instructor for 14 years at the GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas and I think the world of some of their current instructors, but you will only see GRS tools in use there. There are other options that may be better suited for your intended purposes.

I currently teach one on one classes out of my home in Monteagle Tennessee. Depending on how close you are, we can do one day at time, or do 5 days straight. We can cover all the basic topics like sharpening and pattern transfers, to advanced subjects like sculpting and various inlay methods. My schedule is quite busy and sometimes arranging yours and mine can be an issue, but I try to accommodate. If you want to do a three day weekend, or maybe 2 days this week and 3 days a few weeks later, then we can work that out. Just contact me at engraver@pilkguns.com and we can work out an mutual schedule.

$400 a day, with a 1 day minimum. 4 days for $1350.

Learn to Engrave
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