Learn to Engrave

Learn to Engrave



This course is designed for engravers who have already acquired basic skills but don't feel quite up to doing a job for a real customer. We will work through an entire project from planning to completion. It is a means to instill confidence in an engraver who has the skills to commercial work, but is unsure of the little variables in all the start to finish aspects of completing a project for a customer. These includes fundamental issues like metal prep, holding and vise concerns, design of scroll and or other art to complement the shape of the object engraved, engraving itself and inlay completion, final metal finish as well as esoteric issues like marketing and customer relations will be discussed pursuant to the students needs.

You will need to discuss with Scott your planned project and determine suitability in terms of time commitments and skill level. Overall outline will work something like this:

Customer Interface
1. interpreting the customers wishes
2. sketches or preliminary drawings?
3. Deposits and pricing issues
4. Ancillary costs such as blueing, plating, shipping fees, and reassembly

Metal prep
1. existing finish issues
2. removing or upgrading prior finish.

Design issues
1 technical versus artistic patterns.
2 using elements from the object itself to dictate scroll design
3 borders ? where and how much?
4 dealing with inlays or scenes

Execution Workflow
1 methodology from beginning to end

Workholding issues

1 concentrating on specific methods of holding objects that both protect the object from vise damage and allow access to critical areas.
2 Hiding mistakes
3. Post engraving finishing of engraved surfaces.
4. Finishing of handle materials or other surfaces disturbed in the engraving process

We have and welcome engraving tools from all major manufacturers, such as GRS, Ngraver and Lindsay*.

Cost per five days of instruction, $1400 US.

* Iisted in order of market appearance.

Scheduling please contact Scott directly engraver@pilkguns.com so to arrange dates that are mutually convenient to both Scott’s schedule and yours!

Private tutoring onsite at your location. $450 per day plus expenses.

Learn to Engrave

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