Learn to Engrave

Learn to Engrave



It is said that when you acquire engraving from Scott Pilkington, you are not getting simple scroll pattern thrown on the  metal surface.  You are getting a flowing design that orginates and flows in the essence of the piece that it adorns in a manner that pleases the eyes and soothes the soul. It looks almost as if it grew on the piece. Whether it is scroll originating from lines and patterns in an organic handle material like pearl, stag or wood,  or enhancements of the lines and contours present in steel itself, or outline and shapes that originated with  knifemaker, you will always sense that Scott’s scroll was what destiny had intended for that piece.

In the Design Desires course, Scott will work with you to uncover your design capacity  as  he leads you through different shapes, on various objects with unique cultural or historical backgrounds. All possibilities of scroll, and artistic themes will be discussed. This will be a paper and pencil intensive session with primary interest in creating scroll designs that flow from the metal.  You will learn to indentify both distinct and subtle line flows that should be considered when assessing an object for scroll layout.


please contact Scott directly to arrange dates that are mutually convenient to both Scott’s schedule and yours. Cost will be $350 per day.For those who prefer to learn in the luxury of your own home, we also offer private tutoring onsite at your location. $450 per day plus expenses. Daily rate negotionable depending upon location ;^)
Learn to Engrave

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